Where will you be taking your bicycle next? With a Co-Motion Co-Pilot, your bike can fit into airline-checkable luggage, opening up a whole world of cycling destinations. Co-Motion Co-Pilot bicycles and the people who ride them have cycled on every major land mass on earth. Yes, even Antarctica. Co-Motion has been the world leader in S+S coupler-equipped travel bikes since launching our Co-Pilot project in 1994: Superb bicycles with full sized frames and wheels that simply fit into luggage. The 17-4 stainless steel S+S Coupling features interlocking teeth, drawn together by a threaded lockring. Incredibly, a Co-Motion Co-Pilot bicycle frame is measurably stronger than an identical frame without couplings. We offer a wide range of bicycles with the Co-Pilot option to fit all of your travel needs.

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