The Supremo represents incredible lightness and exhilarating speed in a superbly hand-built package. This is the ultimate fast and lean road tandem with incredible comfort, strength and rigidity. 

  • Optimized for 700c wheels and 25 - 28mm tires
  • Exclusive Reynolds air-hardening 631 steel tubing
  • Tapered head-tube and matching Co-Motion carbon Elite fork
  • Dual disc brakes and Shimano Ultegra Kit
  • Rolf Prima tandem alloy wheels
  • Gates Carbon Drive timing belt
  • Carbon cranks, handlebars and seat-posts
  • Frame Options: Internal Di2 wiring, S+S couplers, Hydro brake mounts, PF30
  • Choose from Shimano or SRAM eTap
Complete bike starting at $9,895
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"The Co-Motion Supremo is our second tandem since 2001, and by far the lightest and best riding we've owned." C. More

" It has been a long time since we had such a high average speed. There were a few stretches where we were riding 21-22 mph, and actually felt a few times like we were "running out of gears. It was REALLY fast." Greg R.

Drivetrain Options - What Drives You?
You've decided which Co-Motion is right for your kind of riding. Did you know we're also the leader in tandem drivetrain options? These are the available drivetrain options for the Supremo.

Shimano Ultegra R8000 2x11 speed kit
  • Modern derailleur drive trains are lightweight, smooth operating and very efficient
  • Ultegra R8000 is the newest iteration of Shimano's most popular road component group
  • Compact 50/34t cranks and wide road cassette offers a generous gear range
  • Shimano Ultegra R8000 kit offers a 26.4" low, 119.9" high gear

  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8050 2x11 speed kit
  • Shimano Di2 shifters and derailleurs offer consistent and reliable shifting
  • Electronic shifting is low maintenance and intuitive to operate
  • Internal routed wiring is protected from the elements and gives clean appearance
  • Compact 50/34t cranks and wide road cassette offers a generous gear range
  • Shimano Ultegra R8050 kit offers a 26.4" low, 119.9" high gear

  • SRAM Force eTap AXS 1x12 speed kit
  • SRAM wireless eTap shifters and derailleurs are a game changer. They're quiet, smooth and efficient providing faster shifts with no wires
  • No front derailleur means less shifting and less maintenance
  • Removable battery with 25+ hours on a single charge
  • Single 44t chainring and super wide mountain 10-52t cassette offers an impressive gear range for riding on pavement and hills
  • SRAM AXS 1x12 kit offers a 23.2" low, 116.1" high gear

  • Gear Inches- The descriptions above refer to gear inches for comparison purposes. The term refers to the effective equivalent wheel diameter per pedal stroke. For example, if you're pedaling the Supremo with SRAM AXS in first gear, each full pedal stroke will produce the equivalent of one wheel revolution of a 23.2" wheel, while the highest gear will produce the equivalent rotation of a 116.1" wheel.

    Supremo Specifications

    Shimano Ultegra R8000 2x11 Kit
    Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8050 2x11 Kit
    SRAM Force eTap AXS 1x12 Kit

    Supremo Geometry Table

    Frame Size
    A - Captain Top Tube (cm)
    B - Captain Seat Tube (cm)
    C - Stoker Seat Tube (cm)
    D - Head Tube (mm)
    E - Chainstay (cm)
    F - Seat Tube Angle
    G - Fork Span (mm)
    H - Head Tube Angle
    I - Fork Rake (mm)
    J - BB Drop (mm)
    K - Capt. Standover (cm)
    L - Stoker Standover (cm)
    M - Wheelbase (cm)
    N - Boom Tube (cm)
    O - Stack (mm)
    P - Reach (mm)
    Small Medium Large Large/Small
    54.5 56.5 58.5 59
    52 54 56 56
    42 44 46 42
    165 185 205 225
    42.5 42.5 42.5 42.5
    74° 73° 73° 73°
    370 370 370 370
    73° 73° 73° 73°
    45 45 45 45
    72 72 72 72
    76.1 78 79.9 80.7
    66.1 68.2 70.2 67.1
    173.9 174.9 176.9 177.5
    74.1 74.1 74.1 74.1
    576 595 614 633
    381 385 398 396

    Custom Paint Options

    Opaque Paint Options
    Also known as non-metallic, or solid colors, Opaque finishes offer a strong rich color for a classic and traditional look. A timeless paint option for your Co-Motion.

    Metallic Paint Options
    Tiny metallic or mica particles reflect light and add showroom depth and shine, making your Co-Motion frame stand out with a custom look.

    Premium Paint Options
    Pearl and Candy finishes add showroom shine or understated elegance.Choose custom combinations to add a distinctive appearance for your Co-Motion.

    Decal Choices
    Our available decal colors are shown above. These ink-only decals are sealed into your frame between the applied color and the final clearcoat.


    Two Color Fade
    Fade two colors from Top to Bottom or Front to Back for a unique finish. Choose any two colors from the same swatch of Opaque, Metallic or Pearlescent.

    Painted panels on the seat-tube and down-tube add a classic look to a bike. Choose any Opaque or Metallic paint for the panels and frame/fork color.

    TEAM Logos
    Our TEAM Logo option is a custom reverse-masking process in which the logos are painted on the frame, as opposed to applied decals, for a bold, colorful appearance


    Custom Colors
    Can't find the perfect color for your new steed? Don't worry, we can match almost any car color using our Sikkens automotive paint system. Give us a call to discuss options.

    Silca Frame Pump
    The Impero Ultimate frame pump. This American-made pump fits perfectly under the top tube of your frame and delivers full volume and reliability.

    Custom Name Decals
    Add custom text like a name, quote or phrase to your bike using Black or White paint. This is a custom reverse masking and will be protected by the clear coats on top.


    Accessories & Options

    Custom Sizing
    We have the experience, tools, materials, and knowledge to create the best fitting tandem for a modest charge over the cost of a standard sized tandem.

    Co-Pilot (S+S Couplers)
    The incredible threaded stainless steel S+S coupler enables your Co-Motion tandem to fit into airline checkable luggage. Option includes spanner wrench, cable splitters.

    Polished Couplers
    This time intensive 3 stage polishing process will bring your S&S couplers to a beautiful and durable shiny luster. Available only with the Co-Pilot couplers option.

    Rolf Prima Carbon Wheelset
    Crank up your game with Rolf's Carbon Tandem wheelset. Incredible ride quality field tested by top tandem riders, wind-tunel proven to reduce drag.

    Electronic Di2 Shifting
    Excellent for performance-minded or any tandem riders seeking the most accurate consistent shifting. Kit includes everything needed to get you going.

    Max Adjust Stoker Stem
    We make our Co-Motion Max Adjust Stoker Stem to provide range from shortest to longest extension to maximize the fitting range of your tandem.

    Thudbuster ST Seatpost
    Provides 33mm of shock absorbing travel to improve the ride for any tandem stoker who may not appreciate an unexpected bump in the road!

    Crater Lake Badge
    Crater Lake N.P. antiqued silver head tube badge featuring Wizard Island. Crater Lake is a natural wonder, the deepest lake in the USA and one of the most pristine.

    Lighthouse Badge
    Lighthouse antiqued silver badge for head tubes. Reminiscent of the Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast just 70 miles from the Co-Motion factory.

    Metal Head Tube Badge
    Classic Co-Motion logo metal head tube badge. These can be applied to both tapered and straight head tubes. A great classic look for your new bike.

    Supremo Price Calculator

    From $9895.00