Can I have couplers added to my old bike?

As the leading supplier of S&S coupler-equipped bicycles, we’re asked on a daily basis:

* I own a Trek, Merlin, Huffy, Independent single bike. Can you add S&S couplings to my bike?
* I own a Co-Motion single bike, can you install S&S couplings?
* I own a Co-Motion tandem without S&S couplings. How much does it cost to make my tandem into a Co-Pilot?
* Should we buy a Speedster today, ride it for a few years and then have the couplings added when we can afford them?
* Why can’t you (or won’t you) add couplings to my bike?

The simple answer to all of these questions is although couplings can be installed, we do not offer S&S coupling retrofits at Co-Motion Cycles. We have a much better way of integrating S&S couplings, which requires that the bicycle is originally designed and built for coupling integration.

We designed special frame tubing for all of our S&S coupling-equipped models specifically for coupler integration. Our design changes the profile of the tube to incorporate the coupler into a butted tube section, so that the resulting frame is stronger.

Before the frame is welded, the mitering department checks the CAD drawing and marks the tubes to locate the butted or thicker zones for each coupler location.

Placing the coupler Tubes are then cut

The tubes are then cut where the couplers will be installed.

Once the tubing has been cut it is sent to the brazing department where the couplers are silver brazed into the cut tubes.

After the couplers are brazed and quality checked, the (now separable) tubes are sent back to the mitering department to be cut at the precise angles necessary to make your bicycle.

From mitering the tubes then go to welding. The frame tubes with the S&S couplers already in place are then put in the precision fixtures for tack welding.

This labor intensive process assures optimal coupler alignment, with no added stress to your frame, making travels with your bike much easier.
We do not offer coupler retrofits to existing frames, but if you own a non-coupled Co-Motion (or any other brand), or you’re thinking of buying a used Co-Motion without couplings, there are several frame builders who do offer this service for any brand of bicycle.
Because we know integrating the couplers into frame tubes designed for that purpose is much better, we cannot stress enough that your best choice is to order the bike with the couplings from the start. When considering a retrofit job from another builder, consider their warranty, (we obviously will not warrant their work) the quality of the necessary repainting, and the cost of disassemble/ reassembly of your bike.

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