Can I order a disc brake for my new bike?

Disc brakes have become increasingly popular for all kinds of cycling due to their impressive power and ease of control. They are now standard equipment on a number of Co-Motion models. Disc brakes are nearly impervious to moisture and mud, and minor wheel problems have no effect on disc performance. Tandem Disc brakes are an excellent choice for tandem use. Here at Co-Motion Cycles, we use the best disc brakes available from makers such as TRP and Avid. We believe strongly that your equipment should be readily available and adhere to worldwide standards so you can find service parts and technical help no matter where in the world you take your Co-Motion. We’ve designed special disc dropouts specifically for the rigors of tandem use. We’ve designed our own forks specifically for tandems, both our in-house steel forks as well as the most up-to-date high-performance all carbon monocoque tandem forks on the market. We currently specify front and rear disc brakes on every one or our tandem models, although caliper or cantilever brakes can be had by special request. Disc brakes have become the overarching standard, accepted throughout all of cycling’s forms due to their power, reliability and proven performance. Seasoned tandem riders know that during sustained braking, rim brakes can be a hazard as braking friction can cause overheating of the rim, potentially resulting in a blown-out tire. For decades, the crudely made Arai drum brake was the only viable solution to shoulder part of the braking duty on steep grades or long mountain descents, even though the Arai drum was never adequate for anything more than supplemental braking. Manufacturing for the Arai drum has ceased, but the good news is, our disc brakes perform better than the Arai drum/rim brake combo ever did. The discs we specify provide even, consistent braking with excellent modulation for extended braking sessions with no effect on rim temperature: A safer, user-friendly choice. Singles Dual (front & rear) disc brakes are standard on all of our touring/adventure models and our most popular Cyclocross models. Discs are now working their way into the road bike market, and our new Camino road bike is an instant hit. Since discs are virtually unaffected by weather, they’re ideal for all-weather commuters and cyclocross riders. As a bonus, discs are a way to make wheel changes simple on a single multi-purpose bike. For example, you can set up a bike with heavy-duty 700x44cm tires for heavy-duty use on unimproved roads or trails, then swap the wheels with a lightweight set with 700x20mm tires. Such a change can be done much more quickly than a tire change; if you’ve got the wheels to make this work! New Disc-Ready Dropouts Every Co-Motion bicycle made is now equipped with droputs of our own design, made in-house on our CNC equipment. The function of each dropout is specific to the bike’s purpose. On our touring models, we designed our rear disc dropouts to orient the disc caliper between the chain-stay and the seat-stay. This new dropout design -manufactured right here on our Mazak CNC vertical mill- means it’s easier to fit rear racks and fenders, so you don’t have to shop for a disc-specific rack or adapter for your disc-equipped bike.

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