Do S&S couplers require maintenance?

We’ve found S&S couplers to be extremely reliable, perhaps more reliable than any other bicycle component ever made. They are virtually trouble-free, but it is possible to encounter a problem, especially if your bicycle is exposed to heavy dust or grit while uncoupled.

If you think you may have some dust or grit on your S&S coupling, do not try to thread the couplings together until you’ve removed the grit or dust. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the threading thoroughly on the female and male ends of each contaminated coupling. Use a high quality Teflon bearing grease such as Finish Line Extreme Fluoro (available in our oline store) to re-lubricate the coupling threads. NEVER attempt to assemble your Co-Pilot without lubricant on the couplings. If no Teflon grease is available, we recommend Never-Seez as an acceptable (but messy) alternative, available at hardware stores. You may now reassemble your coupling.

Your Co-Motion Co-Pilot comes with each coupler well lubricated with Finish Line Extreme Fluoro grease. This lubricant is colorless, so it is not visible. Water or solvents will not affect your couplings or their initial lubrication. There is no need to re-lubricate unless your couplings are contaminated with dust or grit. Finish Line Extreme Fluoro grease is available at many bicycle shops.

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