What is the service interval for my DT hub?

The DT/Swiss hub is, in our view, the most reliable and easily-serviced hub available today. Whether your bicycle has the DT/Swiss tandem hub found on many of our tandems, and Americano Single Touring bikes, or Onyx hub found in our Nor’Wester equipped with the touring kit, all service manuals, data sheets, weight comparisons and technical drawings can be found on the DT Tech pages.

Link to the DT Swiss service manual for their ratchet system hubs

All DT/Swiss hubs should be serviced at regular intervals.

According to DT

“Maintenance of the rear and front hubs wheel must be carried out at least once a year. When used under extreme conditions (heavy rain, mud, transport in the rain etc.) the free-wheel should be serviced more often.”

Co-Motion Stocks all small parts for Tandem Hubs and can supply you or your dealer with all the necessary bits to keep your bike running smoothly.

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