What Drives You?

You've decided which Co-Motion is right for your kind of riding. Did you know we're also the leader in drivetrain options? These are the drivetrain options for the Siskiyou. For in-depth gearing details, click the "Gearing" tab on the Siskiyou webpage.

2x10 wide range Adventure drivetrain

    Derailleur System, chain drive: 2x10spd Adventure -
  • For our thru axle equipped, wide tire touring bikes, this two chainring SRAM build kit combines road shifters and mountain bike derailleurs for an impressive 491% gear range.
  • Example: Divide standard kit, 22.5" low, 110.5" high gear

Rohloff Speedhub

    Internal Hub Gearing, Gates Belt Drive: Rohloff Speedhub (14 speeds)-
  • The most reliable, widest range internal gear hub on the market.
  • All mechanical parts sealed from the weather, very little maintenance required.
  • Gates Carbon Belt Drive for grease-free bliss.
  • Fourteen evenly spaced gears for a 524% total range.
  • Example, Siskiyou Rohloff has 19.2" low, 100.1" high gear

Pinion Gearbox

    Integrated Frame-Mounted System, Gates Belt Drive: Pinion P.18 Gearbox -
  • Revolutionary new 18spd bicycle transmission from Germany
  • Extremely low maintenance, with entire gearing mechanism sealed inside.
  • Mounted at the center of the frame for a balanced feel
  • Uses a lightweight single speed rear wheel.
  • An industry leading 636% overall gear range.
  • Gates Carbon Belt Drive for grease-free bliss.
  • Example: Divide Pinion kit, 17.8" low, 111.7" high gear

Gear Inches-
the descriptions above refer to gear inches for comparison purposes. The term refers to the effective equivalent wheel diameter per pedal stroke. For example, if you're pedaling the Divide Pinion in first gear, each full pedal stroke will produce the equivalent of one wheel revolution of a 17.8" wheel, while the highest gear will produce the equivalent rotation of a 111.7" wheel.