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Co-Motion Water Bottles - 21oz

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Co-Motion Water Bottle - 21oz


Ever notice how much cooler your favorite drink tatses out of an ice-blue translucent bottle? These good-looking Co-Motion Cycles Big-Mouth water bottles from Specialized are sure to become your new favorites. Even when your drink is long gone, you'll still be cool with our logo and our trademark orange color on the cap. We'll even let you use them on the bike you really wish was a Co-Motion. 

  • Tight-sealing Big Mouth screw top is wide enough for ice cubes and powder drink mix
  • Large, soft poppet top is easy to activate, delivers excellent flow, and seals tight
  • Easy to grab, flexible, and durable
  • Little Big Mouth 21 oz. size
  • Uses BPA-free plastic: 100-percent FDA food grade; printed with non-solvent base (UV cured); CPSC-approved ink


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