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it's a work ethic and a philosophy that's often touted but seldom adhered to.

Our Mission

At Co-Motion Cycles, we’ve built our reputation on constructing cleanly designed and elegantly executed bicycles since 1988: Bicycles that serve a real purpose for cyclists who expect real performance without unnecessary hype. There are so many bicycles to choose from, how do you know Co-Motion is right for you?


From tandems to touring bikes, our approach to building bicycles draws from traditional elements, yet we’ve openly discarded anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of making a better bicycle. The emphasis here is on design, from the very tubing that your Co-Motion is made of, to the way every one of our bicycles interacts with the human body. Nowhere else will you find a greater degree of specialization in the materials we use and the way that we integrate new ideas into new bicycles. When new designs are called for, we work with some of the world’s top suppliers or we fabricate what we need in our extensive machine shop to make them a reality.

Let's Ride

Co-Motion Cycles is driven by our innate passion to find and implement ways to make better bicycles. Guided by our experience, by research and the voices of our customers, we’re thoroughly engaged in the excitement of creating the next great bike; yours.

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  • “It took me about a year to convince myself to buy the americano rohloff. And now i just laugh at myself by thinking, “why did i wait so long?”


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About Us

Few Words About Co-Motion Cycles

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When we started Co-Motion Cycles in 1988 we gave a lot of thought to the name and purpose of our company. “Co-Motion” can mean a lot of things, but what our name means to us is the unique relationship between people and their bicycles: Our bicycles. We want to make this bond between you and your machine stronger. By designing and building bicycles of substance, we’re working hard to help you develop that spirit of teamwork whether your Co-Motion is a tandem, road bike, travel or touring bike, or a custom Co-Motion built just for you.

In November 2000 we moved into our beautiful new building, designed specifically for the production of handmade bicycles. If you ever find yourself in our area, please give us a call and stop by the facility. We’d love to show you why this is the best framebuilding shop in the country.

Back in 1988 we had no idea that we were starting a company that would be going strong going on three decades now. In our mid 20’s, we were less possessed by vision than with audacity. We knew we had some good ideas, and we had the audacity to try them. Although it didn't occur to us at the time, being able to work an exhausting schedule for no pay was about the only real asset we had to invest.

Looking back over Co-Motion Cycles’ history, we feel truly honored to be entrusted to do what we love to do. Not only is it a privilege to create the bicycles that become part of our customers’ lives, but also it is a real pleasure to see where our bicycles have taken you. Like proud parents, we feel like a part of us joins you on every journey your Co-Motion takes.

Thank you for visiting our website. We know there are many choices available and we hope to earn your business with our honest and quietly innovative approach to everything we do. If you ever find yourself in the area, please give us a call and stop by our facility. We’d love to show you how we operate the best framebuilding shop staffed by the best people in the industry.


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