We're not going to pretend that a bicycle is as complex a vehicle as the Space Shuttle or bullet train. Still, when you're investing in a handmade bicycle, you want to know that you're working with people with the experience and knowledge to deliver a bike that is is not only exhilarating to ride, but also safe, long-lasting and fitted well. Since our first day in 1988, we have dedicated ourselves to smart designs that deliver upon your expectations.

What are we known for? You may have first encountered our name when you began looking for a bike that the big bike brands don't pay a lot of attention to. Focusing on specialty bicycles such as tandems and new innovations like the now renowned S+S Bicycle Torque Coupling, the Rohloff Speedhub and the Pinion gearbox has earned Co-Motion a special place under amazing cyclists and in bike shops, garages living rooms and bike racks all over the world.

Designing tandem bikes for two, three or four riders, bikes with Pinion geareboxes or Rohloff speedhubs presents challenges that may not seem obvious on the surface, and it is in fact our job to make them virtualy disappear. For example, how do you provide access for removal/replacement of a belt drive? Here, we design and manufacture special dropouts that incorporate a hidden single recessed bolt that allows the belt to slide into place. We make them in-house on a CNC mill. How do you ensure that S+S couplers are installed on the best place for a bicycle frame, not only in the best spot for frame separation and packing into travel cases, but also for best strength, alignment and longevity? For this we desingned a special process for coupler installation, special tubing that encapsulates the copupler into a butted section of frame tubing, and our own system for coupler location and packing. We solve problems by creating elegant, simple solutions and fabricate them right here. Because of our dedication to evolving every bike in our line, we make everything from our self-locking eccentric tandem bottom brackets, to dropouts, fork steerers, cable guides, braze-on fittings and more.

At Co-Motion Cycles, design is more than just making a new model with a different color of graphics. Every bike we build derives its foundation from our broad experience. We do it all here not because we have to, but because we believe we can build a better bike with our own direct control over a more significant part of the process than perhaps any other bike maker can claim. We can show you what we do right here. Come and see us.

American Made, Oregon Made, Handmade