Here at Co-Motion Cycles, we’ve always been quick to point out that we’d like you to consider us your live resource for information about our bicycles. The invention that we’ve all grown to love takes many forms and our staff takes pride in being well informed on topics encompassing virtually every incarnation of the bicycle.

Within these FAQ pages, we’ll make an effort to present common questions and thorough answers. Maybe we’ll save you some time or get you out of a squeaky situation. By all means, if you don’t find the information you need on our website, please contact us. We can usually answer your questions quickly by phone or by email.

Don’t forget, your Co-Motion dealer may be more readily accessible, especially on weekends and in the evenings. Your dealer may also be able to give hands-on assistance - something very challenging to offer through e-mail or on the phone.

Mechanical and Maintenance

When is your bike most vulnerable to rust?+

When should I replace my chain/cassette? Don’t they last forever?+

What is the service interval for my DT Swiss rear hub?+

Tandem Tech

What measurements do you need for a bike order?+

The Gates Carbon Drive Timing Belt System:+

Find and stop that annoying noise coming from your tandem!+

How do I adjust my timing chain?+

How do I shop for a tandem?+

How old or how tall does my child need to be to get started on a tandem?+

Why do people ride tandems?+

What wheel size is best for tandems?+

Single Bike Tech

What are the differences between all of Co-Motion’s touring models?+

Touch-Up Paint Q&A

Touch-up Paint+

Traveling with Your Bike

Help! How do I pack my S&S coupled bike in a travel case?+

Do S&S couplers require maintenance?+

Which travel case should I buy?+

How do cable separators work?+

Can I have couplers added to my old bike?+