It's great to have options isn't it? Below are all of the available frame options we currently offer. Please note that not every option is available on every model. Please go to the page for the individual bike model of your choice for its full list of available options and model-specific option pricing. As always, please contact us with any questions.

Custom Sizing

Our broad selection of tandem and single bike models come in a thorough array of sizes that meet the needs of most cyclists. In fact, every bicycle we offer is made with geometry and sizing that is a direct result of the fitting data we've collected over the years. However sometimes the only way to get positioned correctly is to have a custom bike designed just for you. We have the experience, tools, materials and knowledge to create the right bike for you.

To take advantage of our custom fitting service, start by determining which of our bicycle models has the features you're interested in. Because we build all of our bicycles individually from start to finish in our own facility, any Co-Motion model is available in a custom size. Next contact your local Co-Motion dealer to initiate an order, they can assist with taking measurements from you and your bike and we can work together to ensure you get a proper fitting bike. With the fitting information we will devise a custom sized bike designed to meet your specific needs.

Co-Pilot (S+S Couplers)

Since 1993, the S&S bicycle torque coupler has revolutionized the bicycle industry and forever changed the image of travel bikes. No longer is it necessary to compromise cycling performance in order to build in packability. Co-Motion was the first bicycle company in the world to offer bicycles with S&S couplers as a standard feature. A close look at the S&S coupler reveals the expert engineering that allows the system to work so perfectly. Interlocking tapered teeth are drawn together by a threaded lock ring, providing an extremely rigid joint with minimal tightening force. These hardened stainless steel couplers are extremely durable and reliable. In fact, a well-made coupled frame is measurably stronger than an identical frame without couplers. Some builders use plated or non-plated versions of the coupler because they are cheaper and speed up bicycle production, however we only the use the original stainless steel couplings. These cost more but they assure a lifetime of flawless and corrosion-free operation.

Naturally, the best reason to own a Co-Pilot is that you never have to leave your passion for cycling behind when you travel. Your Co-Pilot checks on as regular luggage, using our Co-Pilot travel case that meets airline regulations, saving you money and hassles each time you travel.

Polished Couplers

Note:This option is available only if you've already chosen the Co-Pilot (S+S Couplers) option.
The normal brushed finish on the stainless steel Co-Pilot S+S couplers is attractive as it is. But if you want to add some undeniable showroom pizzaz, our Polished Coupler option will really turn some heads. Our intensive 3-stage polishing process will bring your S+S couplers to a beautiful and long-lasting shine. This same process is used on our 17-4 stainless steel dropouts.

Stainless Steel Dropouts

Add a touch of elegance and incredible durability to your frame and fork by choosing our polished stainless steel dropout option. Machined from 17-4 stainless steel, right here on our CNC equipment, beautifully finished and polished mirror-smooth. Never worry about your paint chipping when installing and removing your wheels ever again.

Pathfinder Package

Our Pathfinder Package offers the ultimate accessories for self-contained touring or anyone who wants to be well prepared. This option upgrades your front hub to a SON28 dynamo, an extremely reliable generator hub with almost no drag. This powers a 6V Edelux II headlight also from Schmidt in Germany. The Edelux light produces the brightest beam available at 90 lux at 15 pph. The beam is shaped much like a high quality automotive low beam, extremely even illumination of the road ahead. For keeping your gadgets, battery packs and camp lights fully charged we've incorporated the Reactor top cap from Sinewave Cycles. This lightweight dynamo powered usb charger fits inside your fork steerer right on top of your handlebar stem. The wiring is routed down through the fork tube and connects to the hub. Best of all your devices start charging at 3.5 mph with full charging achieved at just 9 mph.

Kickstand Mount

If you plan to mount a kickstand to your Co-Motion, these mounts are the best way to do it. Not only do they provide a secure mounting point for the kickstand but they also reroute the shifting and brake cables for smooth operation. We have several options depending on the model and drivetrain you choose.
Off-road model is designed for wide tire clearance and incorporates a yoke near the BB shell. With these models you can choose either a stainless steel center mount near the BB, or a chain-stay plate version mounted near the rear dropout. Bike models that don't include a yoke have a choice of a traditional cnc-machined plate under the bike near the BB shell or the rear chain-stay plate near the rear dropout. If you go with a Pinion gearbox drive train, you must choose the chain-stay oriented mount. Please note, the chain-stay plate mount includes a kickstand.

CTX Carbon Frame Option

The CTX upgrade, formerly CS3, utilizes Variwall's super light, super strong THERMLX steel tubing with an all-carbon integrated seat mast completing the main triangle. CTX combines the unmistakable ride of advanced ultra light steel tubing with the amazing performance and weight savings of carbon, with no seat-post. The carbon seat tube extends all the way to the saddle, that's where it gets the name "integrated". Imagine shaving a full pound off the disc-equipped Klatch gravel bike or Camino road bike. The saddle is secured with a custom machined aluminum topper, or mastcap, made in-house and integrated with an ENVE saddle clamp. CTX frames will include internal brake routing for hydraulic or mechanical housing, internal Di2 wiring ports, and a PF30 bottom bracket shell.
The Ristretto CTX option features our oversized bi-oval CMUltra 7 7005 aluminum downtube, and of course, the carbon seatmast bonded into the bottom bracket receiver lug and top tube/seat tube lug we machine here.

Steer Stopper

The SteerStopper is a new device that helps stabilize your front wheel when you are loading panniers, making repairs, or when placing your bike on a car rack. It makes parking or handling your fully loaded bicycle easier by holding the front wheel straight ahead. This option includes a black anodized SteerStopper in addition to the custom frame mount. Made in the USA.

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