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it's a work ethic and a philosophy that's often touted but seldom adhered to.

Our Mission

At Co-Motion Cycles, we’ve built our reputation on constructing cleanly designed and elegantly executed bicycles since 1988: Bicycles that serve a real purpose for cyclists who expect real performance without unnecessary hype. There are so many bicycles to choose from, how do you know Co-Motion is right for you?

Experience, Vision, Proof

From tandems to touring bikes, our approach to building bicycles draws from traditional elements, yet we’ve openly discarded anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of making a better bicycle. The emphasis here is on design, from the very tubing that your Co-Motion is made of, to the way every one of our bicycles interacts with the human body. Nowhere else will you find a greater degree of specialization in the materials we use and the way that we integrate new ideas into new bicycles. When new designs are called for, we work with the world’s top suppliers or we fabricate what we envision in our world class machine shop to bring new ideas to life.

Let's Ride

Co-Motion Cycles is driven by our innate passion to find and implement ways to make better bicycles. We're thinking about the next innovation every time we ride. Guided by our experience, by research and the voices of our customers, we’re thoroughly engaged in the excitement of creating the next great bike; yours.

what our riders say

They Are Proud To Ride With Us

  • “It took me about a year to convince myself to buy the Americano. And now i just laugh at myself by thinking, why did i wait so long?”

  • “The Siskiyou rides soooo smooth! It’s an amazing descender, the geometry working with the big tires to give huge confidence. If the test of a bike is how much you choose to ride it over other bikes, the Siskiyou is a success. ”

  • “We love the Carrera - cannot find one thing wrong - with the possible exception being the "captain" (me)...Fantastic ride - exceptional handling, braking is flawless and the Gates drive is exceptional too...Climbs unusually well out of the saddle. This bike is wonderful - I'd truly like to give BIG UP'S to whomever designed the Carrera - Mad love for this bike !!!”

  • “My new skinny tire ride. Impressive bike from a fairly unassuming company that should get a little more love for their singles and not just tandems. Bike is badass. Beyond my expectations. Thank you.”

  • “After more than 3,000km in China with a lot of mountains, gravel roads and fantastic food, we're convinced our new Mocha is a great one. In Tibet we climbed up to 4,700m and raced down again. The brakes did their job perfectly. Now we're preparing for a ride across the Australian outback.Thanks a lot to the Co-Motion team for this great tandem. Niko K. ”

  • “We have a Cascadia in the family. Beautifully built, the bike is simple and strong, well thought out. Geometry is stable but not sluggish -- it fits. Light weight for a touring bike. Looking forward to many long miles!”

  • “We absolutely love our Speedster! We have put over 4000 miles with just maintenance and replacement of a few wear parts. It handles great and at a recommendation had it set up with disc brakes front and back and a thud buster. Only problem I have is sometimes the rear engine light comes on!”

  • “The Equator Co-Pilot is incredible to ride fully loaded. It's stiffer than any other touring tandem that we've test ridden, and it still rides as well as the day we built it up, which was 21,000km ago now.We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Co-Motion as your next bicycle frame builder!”

  • “A year and a half ago I got my Co-Motion Americano Rohloff Co-pilot. While I've only been able to do one loaded tour, I have logged over 2000 miles on this bike. This is the most stable, comfortable most well engineered bicycle I have ever ridden. The gearing is perfect for distance loaded touring. The fit is better than any other bike I've ridden and was still comfortable after 7 hours. Quality components matched to the intended task. And the icing, it's beautiful!”

  • “The Divide is a rocking’ bomber bike that’s my new go-to ride. It’s a rock star. It goes exactly where you point it, and makes no bones about it. Sweet frame and I love it. While on a ride in the boise front range, all the spandex-clad duely - suspended carbon framed glam bikers took double takes. “Wha? Whoa? That’s not a mountain bike?” ”

  • “I am the extremely satisfied owner of a Co-Motion Americano. In the years I have had this bike it has been unfailingly comfortable, reliable, and a joy to ride -- on tour or not. It is the finest bike I have ever owned. Sincerely, Dave ”

  • “"Just a quick note from the field, my Co-Motion Divide is still rolling strong. It's been all over Asia and now across Australia and still going strong. Thank you for the most excellent bike, which never fails to draw positive comments and picture takers wherever I go. I'm totally loving this machine and wholehearted recommend it to anyone who asks." ”

  • “I had ample opportunity to test the wind bucking ability of the Americano Pinion. The combination of low and centalized center of gravity give the bike superior into the wind and crosswind performance. The perfect fit also supported the comfort needed to go 90+ miles into an insane wind and/or rain from Tucson, AZ to Nogales, Mexico on day 1 of my trip. The even spacing of the gears kept me as efficient and effective as possible. ”

  • “My wife and I recently purchased our Equator and absolutely love it. 650 miles so far. This bike is also very quiet since it has a drive belt front and back. No more greasy chain and derailleur to deal with when assembling and disassembling our bike in a hotel room. The Rohloff Speedhub is great! This bike has a very smooth ride and is close enough to a straight up road bike to be able to "DROP THE HAMMER" when necessary. Yet stable enough to not panic when encountering some loose gravel. We're very happy with our Co-Motion Equator. ”

  • “I wanted you to know that my Pangea has been a great touring bicycle. I have ridden it from Alaska to Costa Rica and from Cairo to Cape Town, I even use it to get through tough winters of Minnesota. The S and S couplers perform flawlessly. My bike has traveled over some pretty extreme terrain, from the arctic mountains to Sahara desserts. I have been on more than 1,200 miles of bad dirt/ gravel roads, the bike has taken a lot of punishment but remains reliable over 30,000 miles of riding since I got it. What more can I say but thank you! ”

  • “Hugs to all the employees that were part of this special anniversary Kalapuya! Your company knocked it out of the park ! Many great adventures are in the future. ”

  • “"Took the tandem on an awesome ride this weekend. 130 km in two days. Got up some trails that really a tandem has no place on... rocky single track, lots of mud, steep climbs. The Java does it all, and all with my 7 yr old son on the back enjoying every minute of it! I seriously love this bike."”

  • “"The bike is amazing. I’ve been much more comfortable on this bike after a long ride than on my carbon bike.I can ride twice the distance and feel a whole lot less beat up.."”

  • “"The Torpedo is also easily the best-handling tandem I’ve ever ridden. Part of the great handling owes to the advantage the PeriScope offers by keeping the stoker’s center of gravity as low as possible. I mean, it also helps that my stoker weighs a whopping 46 lbs., but regardless, the Torpedo carves turns in a way no other tandem I’ve ridden does."”

  • “"This Co Motion Robusta is our fourth tandem since 1995, by far the lightest and best riding we've owned."”

  • “"The Primera performed flawlessly on our solo tandem trip in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho! 70,000 feet of climbing, whoopie! "”

  • “"We adore this bike. We ride 5 days a week around Boulder County, CO and sure love passing those singles at high speeds smile. This bike performs beautifully!" ”

  • “"I really like the bike and the fast, lively road feel." ”

  • “"The bike geometry feels great and I love Made in the USA! ”

  • “"I have a periscope trident bike with 26” wheels which my kids and I LOVE to ride."”

  • “I'm really happy we went with the Deschutes instead of the standard LHT. I'd been used to a triple for touring but I'm convinced now that a double with the mountain bike rear cassette is the way to go. I'm already dreaming about the next trip.." ”

  • “With over 10,000 miles on our Equator, touring extensively in France, Germany, England and the USA, we’ve found our tandem to be durable, reliable and comfortable. Airplane transport and bike assembly/packing has been easy and very convenient. The Rohloff hub is completely trouble-free and the belts are quiet and clean (no dirty grease to worry about). We only wish we had bought the bike sooner!”


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About Us

Few Words About Co-Motion Cycles

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Co-Motion Cycles started simply: We built a few bikes for ourselves and our friends, and discovered that we were able to rise to the occasion when challenged by new ideas or problems. Not once have we stopped questioning the way things have always been done. While finding better ways to make our bicycles stand apart, we’ve learned more than we ever imagined, from designing new bicycle tubing to the intricacies of our own CNC machining and maintaining an amazing, talented workforce.

These years have taught us the joy of coming to know the people most important to us: Our customers. From global tourists to Paralympic gold medalists to the child starting on the back of her parents’ tandem, and everyone who just wants a beautiful bike ride; we thank you all so much. Our business has thrived only because you entrusted us to build you a great bike. We promise to you that we will make your next bike right here in Oregon with love, with pride and the care and attention to detail that you have come to expect, as always.

American Made, Oregon Made, Handmade

Back in 1988 we had no idea that we were starting a company that would be going strong for three decades now. In our mid 20’s, we were less possessed by vision than with audacity. We knew we had some good ideas, and we had the audacity to try them. Although it didn't occur to us at the time, being able to work an exhausting schedule for no pay was about the only real asset we had to invest.

Looking back over Co-Motion Cycles’ history, we feel truly honored to be entrusted to do what we love to do. Not only is it a privilege to create the bicycles that become part of our customers’ lives, but also it is a real pleasure to see where our bicycles have taken you. Like proud parents, we feel like a part of us joins you on every journey your Co-Motion takes.

Thank you for visiting our website. We know there are many choices available and we hope to earn your business with our honest and quietly innovative approach to everything we do. If you ever find yourself in the area, please give us a call and stop by our facility. We’d love to show you how we operate the best framebuilding shop staffed by the best people in the industry.


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