Tandem Bikes


Co-Motion Cycles has grown its reputation for producing world-renowned tandems since our inception in 1988. We put the status quo on its ear with our very first road tandems, garnering attention with racing successes on the local, national and international stages.

In the three-plus decades since, we've broadened the scope of what a tandem can do while simultaneously raising expectations for quality, longevity, and that special intangible feeling when you know a bike is just "right".

Here is our complete selection of tandems, from our family-oriented PeriScope line, to our adventuresome Steelhead, uber-touring Speedster and Java tandems, speed-demon Macchiato and the "do-it-all" Carrera and Robusta tandems. You'll find a broad slate of options for most of these, from our power-generating & lighting Pathfinder package to carbon wheel or electronic shifting upgrades and the airline-travel-enabling Co-Pilot option.

Where will your tandem take you, and what capabilities does your next tandem need? Take a look at the descriptions for each model, where we try to flesh out each tandem's identity and purpose. Bear in mind that many of these bikes are capable of more than you might expect, and that is a good thing! Finally, please understand that the content in this website is fluid and changing. If you can't find the info you're looking for, you need further clarification, or you discover an error, please contact us and we'll do our best to assist as needed.

Tandem bicycle design leader Co-Motion Cycles' renowned collection of tandem bicycles for riding together. Tandem touring, road cycling, travel tandems, all-road tandems and more. See full details and pricing on each tandem model page.