Single Bikes


Co-Motion Cycles has built upon our range of single bicycles* since our beginnings in 1988. You can plainly see here our roots and our zeal for exploring the roads and trails of Oregon, the back country of North America, and the world beyond. Each bicycle in our collection has its own story; its reason for being. As one of very few companies producing all of our bicycles in-house, we know we must do more than just make another bicycle. We're driven to demonstrate our commitment to quality that you can see and feel for yourself, our dedication to smart design, and our responsibility for creating a bicycle you'll be inspired to ride every day.

Our selection of single bikes reveals depth, from our broadly capable Camino all-roads model, to the renowned Americano and Pangea tourers, built so tough, they're often called "half-tandems". Our spirit for adventure shines from our race-ready Klatch CTX, legendary in Northwest gravel racing to our continent conquering Divide back-country tourer or the classic, surprisingly light and agile Espresso. We offer an incredible range of choices, from Electronic shifting to carbon wheels, traditional derailleur drivetrains, Rohloff and Pinion drivetrain choices, the airline-travel-enabling Co-Pilot option or our power-generating & lighting Pathfinder package.

Enjoy "digging in" to these pages as you ask yourself where your next bike will take you, and what features and capabilities are most important to you. In each bike description, we make an effort to convey to you each bike's identity and purpose. Bear in mind that many of these bicycles are capable of more than you might expect, and that is a good thing! Finally, please understand that the content in this website is fluid and changing. If you can't find the info you're looking for, you need further clarification, or you discover an error, please contact us and we'll do our best to assist as needed.

*Definition: We call these bicycles "single bikes" or "singles" to differentiate them from the tandem bikes for which we're so well-known.

Co-Motion Cycles' complete collection of bicycles for adventure cycling, touring, road cycling, travel, all-road and more. See full specifications, pricing and more on each model page.